What is Deep drawing?

In order to create seamless, round and complex details in sheet metal, the manufacturing method is usually used with Ingelsten’s deep drawing. To make these shapes requires the metal that it’s stretched between two tool-halves, so the metal can be shaped as you want to. Deep-drawn products are used daily in our everyday life and some examples is beer cans and soft-drink cans. Sinks is also made of deep drawing processes.

deep drawing

Today there are two types of deep drawing, traditional deep drawing and hydromechanical shaping. With deep drawing, the result often becomes cheaper than other treatments, it’s much more effective to use. The quality and surface finish of the material are much better, and there are fewer stages of production. Hydromechanical shaping means pressing and shaping the metal in the shape you want to with a smoother drawing. This type of deep drawing is very polite if you need a smoother finish. the method advantages minimize the risk of scratches, gives the material smoother shapes, longer drawers and you can access longer shapes.

Drag relationship is something that usually talks about in deep drawing. It’s the ratio of the drawstring diameter d and the blank disc’s diameter D.

When you use deep drawing it’s important to take consideration into the properties of the material. If you want to shape the material as you want to it’s important to considerate the material, if you don’t the material can break. To minimize the risk that the material breaks it’s recommended to choose one with good stretch and tensile strength just for the thought strain on the material.

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